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Sometimes our projects don't fit in with our portfolio and branding. That doesn't mean they aren't worth sharing! 

Night City Cosmetics

Night City Cosmetics approached after having their previous photographer relocate. They were continuing to build their brand and had a clear concise idea on what the images should look like. These images didn't fit with our branding but deserve to be showcased. 

Beauty Elite

Beauty Elite is a fast growing lash and brow salon. They needed some team building photos as well as some up close photos of actual lash work. This included some group photos and headshots. 

Jen Forland Designer

Jen Forland is an exceptional jewelry designer who started to venture into clothing a few years ago. She was up for graduation as a fashion designer and for her final project she contacted me to shoot a very raw and fresh session. Something moody but that had the "girls night out" vibe. She wanted to showcase the pieces as they would be worn in real life. 

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