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Hi! I'm Jess.


I’m often asked why I chose Seven of Hearts as my brand name. It’s because it’s was my grandparents brand for their farm. This was my way of honoring my family and carrying the brand on without starting a farm. The farm life just isn’t for me.

I’m goofy and fun loving. I’m bouncy and energetic. I have found that my personality will directly impact how comfortable my clients are. You stop worrying about how weird you look when you’re more focused on how weird and goofy I am! Not to mention, the genuine smiles and laughter I then get to capture!  Trust me, I have goofy mastered.

Lead Photographer 


Meet Sam!

Make Up Artist and worker of magic

Sam is my in house make up artist. She has her own station set up in studio but also works on site and with plenty of other photographers. 

She is a literal goddess!

If you're signing up for a portrait session you're gonna wanna hire her too. Her work makes my job so much easier.

Sam's work is included in our boudoir session fee.

            Stalk her on Instagram!! 


Studio Location


2221 Everett Avenue Suite 104

Everett, WA 98201

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